Dive into the literary world of Adam Savage, Special Effects Designer.

Adam Savage is best known as the co-host of the popular science entertainment television show, "MythBusters," where he applied scientific methods to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos, and news stories. Born in 1967 in New York, Savage has had a varied career, including stints as a graphic designer, carpenter, projectionist, and animator. His expertise in model-making and special effects showcased on "MythBusters" made him a beloved figure among science and engineering enthusiasts. Beyond television, Savage is an active educator and speaker, promoting science education and creativity through public discourse and at events like Maker Faire.

I have always been a voracious reader. I read for at least an hour every night. I read technical, nonfiction, fiction, the New Yorker. I love reading.❞ — Adam Savage

Adam Savage is a self-professed lifelong learner whose curiosity extends to a vast array of subjects, reflected in his reading habits. He frequently shares books and authors that have influenced him, spanning topics from science fiction to engineering and philosophy. His love for reading fuels his endless quest for knowledge and his enthusiasm for sharing what he learns with others. Savage’s approachable communication style and his advocacy for hands-on learning resonate in his personal and professional life, advocating for the importance of curiosity, experimentation, and the joy of discovery.

Adam Savage's Favorite Books

Last Updated: July 2024

The Martian

Andy Weir's novel tells the story of Mark Watney, a resourceful astronaut left behind on Mars, who must rely on his ingenuity and engineering skills to devise a way to signal to Earth that he is alive.
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Tom Hanks 

The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel

Chabon's alternate history novel imagines a Jewish settlement in Alaska, where detective Meyer Landsman investigates the murder of a chess prodigy, uncovering deeper conspiracies in a vividly realized world.

Children of Dune

The third installment in the Dune series follows the lives of Paul's twin children, Leto II and Ghanima, as they face political conspiracies and their own destinies in the shadow of their father's legacy.

Back to the Future: The Ultimate Visual History

Klastorin and Atamaniuk present an exhaustive visual chronicle of the Back to the Future trilogy, including rare photos, production notes, and interviews with the filmmakers.

Mona Lisa Overdrive

The third novel in Gibson's Sprawl trilogy, this cyberpunk classic continues to explore themes of artificial intelligence, cyberspace, and corporate intrigue in a near-future world where technology and humanity intersect in unexpected ways.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gabriel García Márquez's epic novel chronicles the rise and fall of the Buendía family in the mythical town of Macondo, blending magical realism with a poignant commentary on the solitude and the vicissitudes of human nature.

Humble Pi: When Math Goes Wrong in the Real World

Parker's entertaining and enlightening book examines the mathematical mistakes and miscalculations that have led to real-world disasters, highlighting the importance of math in everyday life.

The Electric State

Stålenhag's illustrated novel combines stunning artwork and a haunting narrative to depict a dystopian America where a teenage girl and her robot travel across a desolate landscape filled with remnants of a high-tech war.

Alien Covenant: David's Drawings

This unique art book presents the intricate and eerie drawings created by the android David in Alien: Covenant, offering a glimpse into the dark and mysterious world of the film.

Diatoms: Biology and Morphology of the Genera

Round provides a comprehensive study of diatoms, focusing on their biology, classification, and morphological diversity, making it an essential reference for researchers and students in the field.

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

This captivating guidebook takes readers on a journey to some of the world's most unusual and fascinating places, highlighting lesser-known wonders and curiosities from around the globe.

The Lady in the Lake

Chandler's classic hardboiled novel follows private detective Philip Marlowe as he investigates the disappearance of a wealthy man's wife, uncovering a web of deceit, corruption, and murder in 1940s Los Angeles.

The Left Hand of Darkness

Le Guin's groundbreaking science fiction novel explores themes of gender and politics on the planet Gethen, where the inhabitants can change their sex, through the eyes of a human envoy sent to negotiate an alliance.

The Art Of War: Complete Text of Sun Tzu

This ancient Chinese military treatise offers strategic insights and tactics for warfare, emphasizing the importance of adaptability, planning, and psychological warfare.
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Lex Fridman  Neil deGrasse Tyson  Tupac Shakur 

Dune Messiah

The second book in the Dune series, it continues the story of Paul Atreides as he grapples with the consequences of his ascendancy to emperor and the burdens of prescience.

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You

Zhuo, a seasoned tech executive, shares her insights and personal experiences in transitioning from an individual contributor to a highly effective manager, offering practical advice on leadership, decision-making, and team building.
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Bill Nye  Sam Altman 


Lessing's epic science fiction novel, part of her "Canopus in Argos: Archives" series, depicts the history of Earth (Shikasta) through the lens of interstellar colonizers, exploring themes of decay, renewal, and cosmic intervention.

Heretics of Dune

The fifth book in the Dune series follows the rise of the Bene Gesserit after the fall of the God Emperor, as they navigate political intrigue and face new threats to maintain control over the empire.

The Long Goodbye

Chandler's classic noir novel follows private detective Philip Marlowe as he unravels a complex web of deception, betrayal, and murder in 1950s Los Angeles.
Also recommended by:
Jordan Peterson 

The Goldfinch: A Novel

Tartt's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel follows the life of Theo Decker, whose world is turned upside down by a terrorist attack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, leading him on a journey of grief, crime, and redemption centered around a priceless painting.

Killing Commendatore: A Novel

Murakami's novel follows a portrait painter who discovers a mysterious painting in an attic, leading him on a surreal journey filled with metaphysical questions and supernatural occurrences.

Binging With Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Rea offers a collection of recipes inspired by iconic dishes from popular movies and TV shows, bringing fictional foods to life with step-by-step instructions and mouthwatering photography.

God Emperor of Dune

The fourth novel in the Dune series, it explores the reign of Leto II, who has transformed into a human-sandworm hybrid, and his millennia-long plan to shape the future of humanity through his tyrannical rule.

Nopalito: A Mexican Kitchen

Guzmán's cookbook celebrates the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine, featur

Sandman: Overture

This prequel to Gaiman's acclaimed Sandman series explores the events leading up to the capture of Dream, weaving a rich and visually stunning tale of cosmic adventure and mythological intrigue.

Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home: A Cookbook

This cookbook features recipes and cooking techniques from culinary legends Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, offering a delightful blend of French and American cuisine for home cooks.

Look Inside: Cutaway Illustrations and Visual Storytelling

Velasco's book showcases stunning cutaway illustrations and explores the techniques and stories behind the creation of detailed visual representations of complex subjects.

The Underground Railroad

Colson Whitehead's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel reimagines the historical Underground Railroad as a literal train beneath the soil, following escaped slave Cora's perilous journey toward freedom from the antebellum South.
Also recommended by:
Oprah Winfrey 

The Big Sleep

Chandler's classic hardboiled detective novel introduces private investigator Philip Marlowe, who navigates a labyrinth of crime and corruption while solving a complex case in Los Angeles.
Also recommended by:
Jordan Peterson 

Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History

Wallace offers a comprehensive and richly illustrated history of the Ghostbusters franchise, featuring behind-the-scenes stories, concept art, and interviews with the cast and crew.

Star Trek: Costumes: Five decades of fashion from the Final Frontier

This book provides an in-depth look at the iconic costumes from the Star Trek universe, showcasing the creativity and craftsmanship behind five decades of fashion from the beloved series.

Girl in Landscape

Lethem's coming-of-age science fiction novel follows young Pella Marsh as she and her family relocate to a distant planet, grappling with loss, alien landscapes, and the complexities of growing up in a new world.

Chapterhouse: Dune

The sixth and final book in the original Dune series sees the Bene Gesserit struggling to rebuild their order on the desert planet Chapterhouse while facing an imminent invasion by the mysterious and powerful Honored Matres.

Tartine Bread

Robertson shares his expertise on the art of bread-making, providing detailed recipes and techniques for creating artisanal sourdough loaves at home, along with insights into the philosophy of baking.

Death's End

The concluding novel in the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy, it follows humanity's struggle for survival as they confront the realities of the dark forest theory and the existential threats posed by advanced alien civilizations.

Industrial Light & Magic Presents: Making Solo: A Star Wars Story

Bredow provides an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the making of Solo: A Star Wars Story, featuring exclusive interviews, concept art, and visual effects breakdowns from Industrial Light & Magic.

Visceral: The Art of Jason Edmiston

Edmiston's book showcases his dynamic and vividly detailed artwork, featuring a range of pop culture subjects, from movie characters to iconic musicians, rendered in his distinctive style.
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