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Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer, and musician known for his versatility and distinctive character portrayals, often involving eccentric and larger-than-life roles. Born in 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, Depp rose to fame in the 1980s with a lead role on the television series "21 Jump Street." He gained further critical acclaim and a global following through collaborations with director Tim Burton in films such as "Edward Scissorhands," "Sleepy Hollow," and "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." Depp's portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series solidified his status as a leading Hollywood actor, showcasing his unique ability to blend humor with depth in a commercially successful franchise.

I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you're on it.❞ — Johnny Depp

Depp has expressed a deep appreciation for literature, often citing it as a significant influence on his approach to developing his film characters. He has a particular affinity for the works of Hunter S. Thompson and has been involved in adaptations of Thompson's work, such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "The Rum Diary." His reading interests extend into classic literature and poetry, which have helped shape his artistic sensibilities and contributed to his reputation for portraying complex, introspective characters.

Johnny Depp's Favorite Books

Last Updated: July 2024

On the Road

Jack Kerouac's seminal Beat novel, based on his own travels across America, captures the spirit of freedom and longing for meaning through the adventures of Sal Paradise and his charismatic friend Dean Moriarty.
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A Season in Hell & Illuminations

This collection includes Rimbaud's seminal works, A Season in Hell and Illuminations, showcasing his revolutionary and visionary poetry that has influenced generations of writers and artists.

The Ginger Man

Donleavy's comic novel follows the reckless and hedonistic adventures of Sebastian Dangerfield, an American expatriate studying in Dublin, as he navigates financial woes, relationships, and his own debauchery.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Thompson's gonzo journalism classic recounts a drug-fueled journey to Las Vegas, blending surreal narrative and social critique to explore the dark side of the American Dream.
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Jordan Peterson 

The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America

Brinkley's biography highlights Theodore Roosevelt's passion for conservation, detailing his efforts to protect America's natural landscapes and wildlife through landmark environmental policies.

The Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov's fantastical, satirical novel features the Devil visiting Soviet Russia, intertwining the lives of Margarita, her beloved Master who is an oppressed writer, and historical figures, ultimately exploring themes of good and evil, love, and redemption.
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David Bowie  Jordan Peterson 

In the Hand of Dante: A Novel

Tosches' literary thriller alternates between the story of Dante Alighieri in medieval Italy and a modern-day narrative involving the discovery of Dante's original manuscript of The Divine Comedy.

The Thin Man

Hammett's detective novel introduces retired private investigator Nick Charles and his witty wife Nora as they become embroiled in a murder investigation, blending elements of mystery, romance, and comedy against a backdrop of 1930s New York City.

In Our Time: Stories

Hemingway's first collection of short stories showcases his minimalist style and themes of war, love, and loss, featuring characters who navigate the complexities of the human condition with stoic resilience.

Big Sur

In this autobiographical novel, Kerouac chronicles his retreat to a cabin in Big Sur, California, as he struggles with fame, alcoholism, and a search for peace amid the beauty and isolation of the coastal wilderness.

Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates

Robbins' novel features the irreverent and unpredictable Switters, a CIA operative who becomes bound to a wheelchair, as he embarks on a surreal journey through the Amazon, the Middle East, and beyond.


Joyce's groundbreaking modernist work chronicles the peripatetic appointments and encounters of Leopold Bloom in Dublin in the course of an ordinary day, 16 June 1904, weaving a dense tapestry of themes, techniques, and allusions.
Also recommended by:
Ernest Hemingway 
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